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Morning Stretches Part 1 position 5

Wednesday 25th May 2016

Parivrtta Uttanasana

Bend the knees to place the hands down on the floor, or if you can't reach bring the hands to a sturdy object such as a few big books or a chair. Place one hand under the chest in line with the shoulders and the spine and lift the other looking up towards it. Make sure the spine stays nice and neutral so it is twisting on it's axis and not bending to the side. To help with alignment bring the top hand down onto the hip and use it to check the hips remain level and neutral as the spine twists.

Hold the position for 3 good meaningful breaths and try to feel width across the chest and collar bones and across the shoulders and back. Reach with the top of the head to keep the neck nice and neutral and the spine long.

As with all these exercises, make sure you check with a doctor you are OK to do the stretches. Move gently and slowly with the breath and if you have any pain or health worries go to the doctor.