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How do I start meditating?

Tuesday 13th March 2018
There are many different techniques for meditation and (as with exercise), because we are all different some methods will suit us more than others. We suggest trying a few different classes, or possibly trying some different guided meditations until you find something that works for you. Don’t be put off if what you try first doesn’t engage you - shop around until you find something that fits for you.

A good time to start your own meditation is directly before bed, as you will likely feel the indirect benefits immediately when you get more restful sleep. That could lead to getting up 10 minutes earlier and doing some morning meditation too. This might not be practical for you, so the important thing to remember is that you do what works for you and just the act of attempting to meditate is progress. Even if your mind wanders every single breath, as long as you bring the awareness back to the breath each time you notice, without judgement - you're practicing mindfulness!

Meditation and mindfulness is a lifelong journey; so don’t expect to achieve anything, just know you are taking some time to sit and be present and that is enough.