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Tuesday 10th May 2016
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Our brand new #HappyHuman t-shirts have arrived!

We recently had an idea for a t-shirt design that makes a happy statement. The idea is that when you put on the t-shirt you are making a commitment to yourself to 'think yourself happy' so what it says on your chest is what you are inside! The profits from these t-shirts (£4 per t-shirt) will go to the charity 'Help the Children'

The demand has so far been much higher than we expected and we didn't get many printed so get in touch to get yours now!

If you've agreed your order with us please use the link below to pay for your t-shirt:


Workplace Workshop

Teambuilding with a long term health benefit

If you're looking for something interesting, challenging and rewarding to help build a bond between employees and encourage them to get healthy then look no further!

Our primary goal is to get people active healthily, without fad diets and quick fixes, because the journey is the key to successful training! The Workplace Workshop is a teambuilding exercise which gives participants the opportunity to work with fitness professionals to create their own healthy living program. The project aims to spread awareness of how damaging to the body a sedentary lifestyle can be, and promote creative ways to get active for people with busy lifestyles.

If you are a business within the Greater Manchester area, willing to allow photographs and video to be recorded on your premises, then there is a great chance to improve the wellbeing of your employees for free! To take advantage of our limited funding or for more information please get in touch!

Train at Home or in the Workplace

Convenient training options to fit in with a busy lifestyle

An innovative and time saving way to train is to let your trainer come to you.
At OMFG we're dedicated to helping anyone make steps towards a healthier lifestyle. We travel across Manchester to teach clients in the workplace and at home.
We're creative with our fitness solutions and flexible with pricing so just get in touch and make a step towards a healthier you. As a side note, we're very fond of good food and socialising so we understand a teetotal, quinoa diet is not always (or ever) an option!

Workshop News

Uptight & Outta Sight

click here to see our blog post on the latest OMFG workshop

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