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About Us:

At Open Minded Fitness Group we are passionate about exercising to stay healthy physically and mentally. We’re open minded and dedicated to helping anyone who is willing to put some effort in and make steps towards being healthier. We research and generate ideas to help people integrate activity into their lives gradually in the hope it becomes a healthy habit, rather than an unhealthy fad - there is no quick fix to a healthy mind and body!


picture of Nat

Nat has been a dancer from a very young age, so naturally her dance fitness and Zumba classes are always booked to capacity. More recently Nat progressed her fitness qualifications to include Pilates, Piyo and Pre/Post Natal Fitness - all focus more on lower impact exercises. Nat is a highly in demand teacher who constantly amazes people when she tells them how many hours of Zumba she teaches each week! She has balanced the Zumba and Dance Fit classes with the more body kind classes to sustain her teaching ability - as they say “everything in moderation!”

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Wil is a keen snowboarder who previously trained in various martial arts and worked in the music industry. He began his fitness career as a lifestyle change, realising DJing until the early hours was not healthy - particularly along side the boozy behaviour that it encouraged! After completing a level 2 gym qualification Wil started teaching Circuits and as the fitness bug set in he trained to teach Yoga. Wil became captivated with the mental and physical health benefits of Yoga, obsessively learning as much as possible and infiltrating the Circuits classes with Yoga asanas! Now Wil is teaching several Yoga classes a week, “Express It” in the workplace and keeping up with the Circuits. He continues to practice and learn both Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga.

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